Dog Grooming

Pricing is based on the size of your dog, their temperament or special needs, and the complexity of the groom. 

Vaccinations ( Dogs:  Bordatella, Rabies and Distemper, Cats:  CRV and Feline Rabies) must be up to date as well.  We do not currently require the canine influenza vaccination.  

Bath:  Includes a good coat cleaning, expressing the anal glands, cleaning the ears, cutting the toenails, blow dry, and up to a 15 minute brush out.  


Touch Up Service:  This is a great way to keep your baby in shape and looking good in between full grooms.  A touch up cleans up the feet, sanitary area, face, and tail.  This allows the coat to continue to grow out while also keeping it shaped up.  This service includes the bath, clipping the nails, cleaning ears, and expressing the anal glands.

Basic Groom:   includes a thorough bath, nail cutting, ear cleaning, expressing of the anal glands and cutting the hair to your specifications.  

Hand Scissoring:  What is Hand scissoring?  Hand scissoring is an art form.  All dogs groomed here are scissor finished after the desired length is set with a a blade or guard of varying lenghts  If you want your baby to grow out big and fluffy, we will support you.  We will gladly groom your fur baby to 1and 1/4" at no additional charge but for those of you who want your baby to grow out longer than this we can do that too.  We can visually set the length for your pup and scissor everything beautifully to that general length all over.  This service also includes the bath, clipping the nails, cleaning ears, and expressing the anal glands.

Hand Stripping:  Hand Stripping is the process used to pull out the dead heir of a non shedding dog such as a terrier, a wirehaired pointer, wirehaired dachshund or wolfhound.  This process can be very labor intensive but if you want your pup to retain the coat's corse texture or the vibrant look of your babies coat this is the best option.  

This service also includes the bath, clipping the nails, cleaning ears, and expressing the anal glands.


Add on Services:

Blueberry or Seasonal Spa Package:  This includes a ten minute massage, aroma therapy to sooth and refresh your fur baby. ($10)

De-Shedding Service:  If you're vacuuming everyday due to hair bunnies all over your house, this is for you.  We uses a solution that goes on during the bath to help the undercoat release in the salon instead of your house.  After the bath we use special tools to brush out the undercoat for up to an hour.  (Price based on the size of your baby.)


Nail Grinding:  This service is completed after the nails are cut.  The groomer will soften the hard edges created by the nail cut.  This reduces the wear and tear on your hardwood floors or if your baby is a jumper, the nails have a much less sharp edge that is less likely to cut your skin.  ($7)


Teeth Brushing:  This service is not to be confused with a professional dental cleaning preformed by your vet.  However, we will brush your pets teeth and freshen their breath for the day.  ($5)

  • We do sale the Petz Life product that we use on your babies teeth and do recommend that you also brush your babies teeth at home daily. 

Brush-out:  Want your pup big and fluffy, but just don't have the time or energy to do it yourself?  Don't worry.  That is what we are here for.  Bring your baby in as often as you like and we will brush them out for you.  ($5 for every 15 minutes)

De-matting:  Depending on the severity of your pups matted coat we may give you the option to have their coat de-matted.  

  •      Please note this process can be very time consuming and painful for your pup, as it would be to try to brush very large knots out of your own hair.  (The price of this            services is based on the length of time the process takes.)

Cat Grooming

We are one of the few grooming facilities that offer cat grooming.  Call us today for pricing and to make an appointment.