Don't leave your fur baby home alone all day while you are working.  Let them spend the day with us, having loads of fun and making new friends.  Our pups love racing around and playing all day with their canine friends and human activity directors.  So, after a full day for you and a fun filled day for your fur baby, go home and just relax, simply enjoying each others company while gearing up for another day.   
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Each pup must be Spayed or Neutered (after 6 months of age), and up to date on their Rabies, DHLPP, and Kennel Cough Vaccinations. In addition, they must pass a screening process to evaluate their temperament, interest, and activity to ensure they are a good fit for group play and to determine what group they will enjoy the most.  These tests are preformed on your babies first visit and each baby is reevaluated regularly, in order to make play time as safe and interactive as possible.
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What To Expect
Here at The Fritz we do daycare a little differently.  We offer Small Group daycare, only allowing a maximum of 6 fur babies in each group.   Each pup will have play time with canine friends as well as human buddies in an intimate and well monitored environment.  
Daycare groups are put together by size and energy level.  Throughout the day each group will play for 30 - 45 minutes at a time, followed by a rest break where the pup can nap or just have a little down time. After the brief rest, the fur babies are off for another round of fun and adventure. This rotation continues throughout the day.  
Daycare is $20 a day for both full time and part time babies.  
Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment.